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About Dali
Welcome to Dali

Our education center in Dali offers a variety of classes on pottery and sculpture making. Our curriculum leads beginning students through the basics of hand building and using the potterywheel. Advanced students are challenged with a variety of surface and formingtechniques that help them develop their own aesthetic. Our university trained teachersconduct classes  in English and Mandarin. 

Adult Class

Students begin with pinch, coil and slabbuilding methods to build functional pottery and sculpture. Students progressto learn wheel throwing and mold making processes. Ceramic decoration andhistory are covered in short demonstrations or lectures.

Class Time: Thursday 2pm-5pm

Fee: 1000 RMB forfour classes

Children’s Class

Figurines, rockets and animals will be the theme ofthis creative children’s class.

Age limit: 5-12

Class Time: Saturday 2pm-3:30pm

Fee: 800 RMB for four classes

Studio Rental Program

The studio rental program offers a space for ceramicartists to practice their craft. Renters are allowed to the studio duringnormal business hours including regularly scheduled classes. However during allclasses, priority for equipment use is given to the students. Rental can bepaid weekly or monthly. It is the renters responsibility to know their ownschedule and pay rent accordingly. If the renter does not use the studio timethey have paid for, we cannot prorate, carry over or extend the days initiallypaid for.

Fee: 2000 RMB / Month (500RMB / Week)


One-time Group Class

We offer one-off courses for birthday parties,corporate retreats and travel groups. Course focus is flexible based on studentinterest. Please contact us for more details. For desired time please bookclass one week in advance.

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