Fiona Wong

Contextualizing material and process in ceramic making has been a focus of my study.

Since 2000, I have been creating daily life objects such as clothes and shoes with porcelain and various types of clay.  In the process of art making, I have explored on how building methods could be transferred and transformed among various disciplines including tailoring, silver-smithing and shoes making. 

Recently, I am interested in further investigating on the physicality of clay and how connection can be built between ceramics and other ways of visual presence.

Plan for New Work

It will be a wall piece, size around 80cm wide, 120cm tall, 6cm thick, built by weaved together porcelain pieces.  The work may be illuminated, that is, a light source from the wall is necessary.

The estimated weight of the piece is 8kg, to be either hung preferably from the wall instead of the ceiling.

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