Shen Chengcheng

我的作品一直围绕材料的特性来发挥,景德镇的泥巴特点是柔然细腻, 很多时候我是顺应这样的特性来完成一件作品。景德镇传统的制瓷工艺给了我很多的灵感,但是不同的是我更提倡完全个人的手工制作。我把这样的工作方式作为一种初级的训练,也为了更容易将我的真情实感在作品中表达出来。我构想不同地域的泥土可以成就独特的作品,希望将来可以尝试不同产区的材料!


My work always explores the properties of materials.The trait of clay in Jingdezhen is soft and fine,which i utilize to finish a work very often.Traditional ceramic manufacturing process in Jingdezhen give me much inspiration.However,i advocate hand-made all by myself. I regard such work pattern as a primary training,and in order to easily express my ral feelings in my work.I conceive use clay of different origin to manufacture unique works.That's my desire!


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