Trudy Ellen Golley

Over the course of my studio practice, I have used light to attract and locate the viewer, to provide an unexpected sense of discovery, and to address notions of conceptual and intellectual illumination. I construct ceramic forms that capture, transmit, obstruct and redirect light in order to exploit its qualities in an ongoing exploration of material and vision. Lustered works explore the ephemeral through the creation of a drawing in light and shadow that extends beyond the tangible confines of the ceramic piece. The space where only light exists is as important as the object that defines it. Without depicting a specific event, object or place, I aim to capture a sense of the sublime in order to hold the viewer’s attention and trigger their imagination.

My work has often included the spiral as a reference to the cross-cultural symbol that appears in art throughout the world. On my first visit to China in 2005 I was inspired by the use of the spiral to depict stylized clouds in Chinese paintings and for blue and white decoration on porcelain. Known as the 'auspicious cloud' motif it formed the basis for this work.

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