Sam Chung

My work is a continuous investigation of functional pottery form and the multiple layers of information that it can contain. I am interested in a pot’s ability to contain not only food and drink, but also elements of history, memory, familiarity, and suggestion. My desire is to create pottery that reflects preciousness without aloofness. The historical pots from China, Korea and England have been some of my favorite and possess eclectic attributes of formality, humor, animation, and elegance. These are all qualities that I hope to impart on my work.

I also have a strong reverence for architectural form, both old and new, in its concern for geometry, space, and containment. Many of my forms come from a memory of places, the structures built there, and their prevailing sensibilities. Others are inspired by elements of contemporary design, both mundane and exotic, and how they affect the way we consider using handmade pottery today.Ultimately, I want my work to incite curiosity through simultaneous perceptions of clear familiarity and vague reminiscence.

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