Caroline Cheng


My work consists of intricately handmade porcelain butterflies sewn on Chinese dresses.

 From afar, people can look at China and see a country with people almost looking the same. But if you look closely, it has many complex personalities, many different cultures mixed into one large pot.

The Chinese words consist of many strokes. Each stroke by itself means nothing, but when they are put together they make up words. The Chinese uses this kind of method of putting things together in daily life also. The art of ceramic making is unique in the world; specialized skill workers put together and make one piece of fine work.

Chinese believe in looking at the positive aspects of life and not dwell on the negative. Auspicious symbols are placed in homes to bring good luck and happiness. They use symbols such as bats, deer and peaches because these words sound like fortune, prosperity and longevity.

I have called my butterfly outfits “Prosperity” also because “Clothing服” and “Prosperity福” are pronounced the same way “fu”. These outfits from afar look just like a dress, but when you look closely at the butterflies they are all unique and different. This is a China!

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